The Musings and Blunders of Vervv

I am…the Three Day Robot. On Friday I received a silver zentai suit for my Malfuction (SPG-Me and My Baby coverart) cosplay. With roughly 12 french gray prismacolor markers in hand, I attempted to draw and detail this suit into a matching robot suit. (Thank you for making the design fairly simple, Bunny ^-^)

Friday- Left hand complete.
Saturday- Right hand, arms complete.
Sunday-Chest designs, simple back design, knees, additional shadowing.

The only thing left that needs detailed is a thick black line where the arm meets the body, but that would take maybe 30 minutes to do. Additionally, I will be sewing a black lace choker that will hopefully hide the seam of the suit. This lace choker will be adorned with a small, golden honey bee pin that I have had for years.

I did not spend a lot of time on the back plate because my long blue wig should cover this pretty well. Additionally, the fiber optics in the wig should be distracting enough that anyone looking for flaws will be dazzled, therefore taking -1 to all search, attack, and spot rolls. The wig and lace is back at my house, which I will be getting over spring break because I have no social life.  Makeup is all Mehron AQ Paradise. The picture with the makeup was my first draft, and after hours of drawing metal accents on this zentai suit, I can assure you that the makeup design should improve substantially.

This design is based off of the original artwork of Bunny Bennet, with additional inspiration from Nova-FoV. The idea of detailing a silver zentai suit was outlined by Anniina85 with her Vriska cosplay tutorial.

I should be getting full makeup+costume photos over spring break as well. Hopefully they turn out well, right?

Bunny’s work:
Nova-Fov’s work:
Anniina85’s tutorial:

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